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QVidium Live Stream Demonstration

Receiving Live Video Streams from San Diego to anywhere in the world over the Internet using QVidium's ARQ error correction and Video QoS mechanisms.

  NOTE: StreamViewer runs on WindowsXP and Windows7 (Windows Vista is not supported)

(If you had installed a version of StreamViewer older than version 141, then first, uninstall QVidium StreamViewer using Windows Control Panel Add/Remove Programs, before starting this procedure.)

To receive our IPTV streams, please do the following:

Installing the software:

  1. Click on QVidiumStreamViewer-*.msi to download and save the StreamViewer program.
    Double-click on the QVidiumStreamViewer-*.msi file to install StreamViewer.
  2. Important: WindowsXP does not have a default MPEG-2 video decoder.
    We recommend the Elecard MPEG-2 video decoder.
    Click >>>HERE<<< for the Elecard decoder.
  3. Important: WindowsXP and Windows7 do not have a default H.264 video decoder.
    NOTE: Because these are demo versions, after 20 seconds the audio is muted automatically.
    Please click on the follwing links and install in order:
    1. vcredist_x86.exe
    2. H264DemoDecoder-*.msi
  4. Click on QVidiumIPTVChannels.reg to download and save the QVidiumIPTVChannels.reg file.
    Double-click on the QVidiumIPTVChannels.reg file to create the IPTV stream profiles.

Running the software:

  1. Double-click on the StreamViewer icon on your desktop.
    You should see three IPTV icons in the StreamViewer main window. If you don't, do step 3 again and restart StreamViewer.
  2. Double-click on an IPTV icon in the StreamViewer main window to see the video and hear audio. It may take up to 10 seconds to start.

Bitrates and Resolutions for each stream:

IPTV 3 - Disabled
IPTV 4 - Disabled